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Mark Davies, creator of battle-of-jutland.comHello, I'm Mark Davies, creator of battle-of-jutland.com.

If you're tired of endlessly scouring the Web only to come up with the same old dry facts and information, I have created a ready-made solution that will save you time, frustration and effort.

The Ultimate Battle of Jutland Resource Pack is a unique package crammed with exclusive diagrams, images and rare hard-to-find resources that would take you weeks to find, even if you knew where to look.

The Ultimate Battle of Jutland Resource Pack

Within minutes you can download everything you need to quickly create projects you can be proud of and spend more time doing the things you want to do. No more information overload, The Ultimate Battle of Jutland Resource Pack has all you need at your fingertips to quickly grasp and bring to life this monumental collision of the world's most powerful naval forces.

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"What Better Way To Discover What Happened At Jutland Than From Someone Who Was Actually There?"

Filled with first-hand accounts of 45 Officers and Men of the British Navy who fought at the battle, The Fighting at Jutland is no dry and dusty text book, but a living journal of real people who will draw you into their experience of fighting and surviving under a hail of incredibly destructive shellfire.

This is the nearest you will get to standing on the deck, shoulder-to-shoulder with the battleship crews as they steam headlong into the largest sea battle in naval warfare history - tasting the tension, the fear (and even the humor).

The Fighting at Jutland

Inside are accounts from sailors covering the entire battle, from the initial confusion on sighting the German fleet to the following morning when charred and crippled warships limped back into harbor, and include:

  • Surviving (only just) through the spectacular explosion that tore HMS Queen Mary apart
  • Frantically plugging holes and fighting ferocious fires onboard HMS Warspite while being slammed by 3-ton shells
  • The confusion of the night fighting - being rammed by both friend and foe, and the sick realization that three brutally-armed German battlecruisers prowl only a few hundred yards away from your small destroyer in the pitch darkness
  • Eyewitness accounts of ships being blown to destruction - Indefatigable, Queen Mary, Defence, Nestor, Nomad, Tipperary . . .
  • The miraculous escape of the crippled HMS Sparrowhawk as her crew faced certain death when a German cruiser appeared right in front of them out of the early morning mist

The Fighting at Jutland is packed with over 40 exclusive photographs of the action and the awesome damage inflicted on the British warships that you just won't find anywhere else. Plus there are scores of diagrams and sketches drawn by an officer present at the battle so you can easily visualize the tactics and movements of the British fleet as they roared into action.

Also included is an easy-to-reference summary of the entire battle so you can quickly grasp an overall picture of events. But if you'd prefer more detail, there's also a step-by-step, minute-by-minute timeline too.

This gripping 257-page book still sells on Amazon for over $25 with five star reviews:

"An excellent account of Jutland from the human perspective"

Reminds the reader that the real battle was fought not by the battleships, battlecruisers and destroyers of both sides, but by the men who made up their crews.
Five Star ReviewD. W. Manley

"Something very different"

A very different approach and an extremely useful tool for those studying the events that led to the loss of ships on both sides . . . this is an excellent book.
Five Star ReviewNed Middleton
(Professional Underwater Photo-journalist and Author)

Whether you read the entire book cover-to-cover or dip straight into the chapters that catch your eye, The Fighting at Jutland will give you a unique insight into what happened because you'll feel like you lived through that titanic conflict in the North Sea.

It's a proven fact that recalling a story is far easier than learning a chain of dry, historic events, so you'll easily absorb what happened at Jutland without even trying. You'll know the techniques captains used to dodge incoming shells, how the gunners in the armor-plated turrets worked - you'll even know which captain wore a skirt during the battle (!)

But that's just the start of what's in this superb package . . .

Exclusive And Original Graphics, Maps And Diagrams

Exclusive and Original Graphics, Maps and Diagrams

Crisp, clear maps and diagrams of the Battlecruiser and Main Fleet Action in both color and black and white versions, with step-by-step summaries of what was going on and when for easy, visual understanding of the main events of the Battle of Jutland.

The diagrams are optimized for printing which means your project looks better as you get high quality, razor-sharp print-outs - not like those low quality jaggy-lined print-outs everyone else steals from the Web.

Want versions to use on-screen? They're included as well in this top quality package.

And there's more, including a high resolution diagram of the British positions at Jutland that illustrates the scale and sprawl of the massive British Grand Fleet. You can zoom right in to see the location and name of every single ship in the entire fleet as they stood at 7pm, 31st May 1916. Unlike words on a page, this diagram brings the fleet to life as a living, breathing monster that must have filled the horizon . . .

Rare Documents And At-a-Glance Facts And Figures

Rare Documents and At-a-Glance Facts and Figures

With these documents you can easily create projects in a different league to everyone else who'll be churning out the same old dry timeline of events.

Rare documents recommending Officers for promotion after the Battle of Jutland - you'll discover why one officer was deliberately NOT promoted despite his brave action. There's a letter from a sailor seriously injured at Jutland, writing from a Prisoner of War Hospital in Germany:

"Upper and lower lips torn to pieces (since sewn together). Three teeth removed. Shrapnel holes through throat, each hole the size of a four shilling piece . . . now fit for duty."

At-a-glance references so you can quickly grasp facts and figures including:

  • The make up and armament of the British and German fleets.
  • The British and German losses in detail - personnel killed, wounded and those taken prisoner. What ships were sunk or damaged plus the number and type of hits they took.
  • The British Order of Battle - battleships, battlecruisers and destroyers listed by Squadron or Flotilla, along with the name of each ship's captain.

You'll have access to resources no-one else has the time or inside knowledge to find . . .

Over 250 Photographs Of The British And German Fleets

Over 200 Photographs of the British and German Fleets

A portfolio of over 250 images of the British and German warships, the Commanders and actual battle scenes including some rare photographs. Browsing for the perfect image to use has never been easier.

The photographs have been retouched to remove dust marks and color-balanced for a professional presentation so they look their very best. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, these images will bring your creation to life . . .

WWI British Navy Recruitment Posters - Glamour, Duty And Propaganda

WWI British Navy Recruitment Posters

10 superb full-color scans of British Navy recruitment posters from WWI. While some posters use the glamour of uniform and the promise of action to attract new recruits, others display rates of pay offered for different trades to help enlist new ratings. Other posters whip up outrage over the German Navy's attacks on Scarborough and the sinking of the Lusitania.

Not only are they great to look at but give a great insight into the methods used to recruit men into the British Navy during WWI . . .

24 Original Full-Page Pictorial Newspaper Cuttings

Original Full-Page Pictorial Newspaper Cuttings

View the events of naval warfare exactly as it was relayed around the world during WWI.

24 pictorial newspaper pages are included - there's no endless blocks of text, each page is packed with photographs not available anywhere else. These fascinating full-page cuttings have been scanned at high resolution so you can zoom right into the detail and bring to life the period, people and events of WWI naval warfare including:

  • Battlecruisers of the British Navy
  • Heligoland - Germany's defensive outcrop of rock in the North Sea
  • London Illustrated News' coverage of the Battle of Jutland
  • Diagrams of minefields in the North Sea
  • The Surrender of the German High Seas Fleet

. . . and much, much, more . . .

"A remarkable collection"

I have just finished reading your resources pack and I am extremely impressed, most of the newspaper articles I had not read before and the photos are superb.

. . . congratulations on a remarkable collection.

Alex Spedding
Chief Engineer P&O (retired)
Moray Firth, Scotland.

A Wealth Of Superior Resources

How long would it take you to find anything close to high quality resources like these? All the research and hard work has been done for you and within minutes you can have this goldmine of resources at your fingertips - while others continue to burn the midnight oil wondering where the heck you got all this stuff from . . .

In short, you get:

  • The five-star-reviewed Fighting at Jutland, packed with photos and gripping eyewitness accounts that relive this explosive conflict. Remember, it still sells on Amazon for over $25
  • Exclusive, original graphics and crisp, clear maps and diagrams that you can use for easy, visual understanding of the action at Jutland
  • Rare documents and at-a-glance figures - resources no-one else has the time or inside knowledge to find
  • A portfolio of over 200 photographs of the British and German fleets, the Commanders, the warships, actual battle scenes and the aftermath - browsing for the perfect image has never been easier
  • Superb full-color British Navy WWI recruitment posters that will propel your projects into a different league while others churn out the same old tired work
  • 24 original full-page pictorial newspaper cuttings crammed with powerful images that brought the war at sea into the living room

Just think what you could do with this wealth of superior resources . . .

And if The Ultimate Battle of Jutland Resource Pack isn't everything you expect it to be, just drop me an email for a swift, courteous, no-questions-asked refund. Is that fair?

The Ultimate Battle of Jutland Resource Pack

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Incredible Bonus! - Rare British Warships Cigarette Card Collection

British Warships Cigarette Card Collection

Issued in 1915 by Imperial Tobacco, this rare collection of 50 cigarette cards features many British warships present at the Battle of Jutland. Each warship is portrayed on the front of the card while the reverse includes a short profile of the ship - its size, speed and armament.

Not only absorbing to look at, the cards clearly illustrate the might of the British Grand Fleet and why it was the most powerful naval force on the planet at that time. These high resolution scans are much larger than the original cards and print out beautifully - embellishing your projects with a sprinkling of these images would make them totally unique . . .

And that's STILL not all . . .

Extra Special Bonus!Extra Special Bonus! Extra Special Bonus!

Originally created to sell as seperate product, I've now decided to include this as an extra special bonus in the Resource Pack. But I'm not going to tell you what it is, you'll discover what this unique Special Bonus is when you order and download The Ultimate Battle of Jutland Resource Pack.

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Thank you again for a tremendous volume of work!

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